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Webstream Hosting Online

Webstream Hosting Online Test, takes your risk to a minimum!

Enjoy your favorite shows anywhere in the world and on any device via our hosting service!

From there we are happy to take you into a more permanent solution to see your favorite shows anywhere in the world. Watch TV on every device you choose. The best option is of course with our Full Magbox Set. However if you do not wish to order another device in your house we are happy to supply you the application only. This application can be opened via a simple link with a login and a password. No Rocket Science!

This is the ideal solution for everybody who travels or is located abroad as an expat. See your favorite shows from your home country any place, any time, anywhere! Subscribe for a 2 day test account now and find out how fantastic the application works. We are convinced you will decide to go with us for a more permanent solution with one of our Webstream Hosting Online offers.

The streaming is perfect and works even at a low internet speed of 2-3 mbps.

Enjoy 64 UK channels, 37 Dutch, 8 Belgium, 28 German, and 2 Adult channels.
All channels are monitored 24/7 and maintained by a worldwide network of servers delivering quality streams around the globe. Channels include extended EPG and our Catchup (up to 7 days after broadcasting) service comes with all channel search function to find your favorite program fast!

For the full list of ‘Channels’ click here from the provider



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