1 Year VIP Membership

299.00 249.00

Content of the Magbox IPTV Set

NOTE: Ethernet cable is not included as most people have one.

Every device for IPTV needs an Ethernet cable connection preferable via cable for the best result!

It makes a difference which cable you buy! Please pay attention you have a cable Category 6 or higher.

If your router is far from your TV you can order our WiFi-adapter Aura HD air nano with your  Magbox to establish a WiFi connection between your router and the Magbox. NOTE: You will loose some strength on the signal by doing this.

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1 Year VIP Membership

This package is only available with a streamer installed at your TV set.

VIP Magbox Package


Any streamer you may have, you would need to send us the Mac address which you can find on the bottom of your streamer.

With the remote control you will enjoy any show available on our program.


Full list of current Channels in package 2

VIP package: 1450 Channels (only with Magbox subscription)

Serials; 10 English,17 polish, 7 Spanish, 6 German, 1 Italian

Movies; 22 English, 22 polish,6 German, 2 french, 9Spanish, 3 Italian
Central (news) TV; 23 English,17 french,4 American, 34 polish, 23 German, 4 Italian, 5 Spanish
Documentary; 17 English,18 Polish,4 French,4 German,3Czech
Entertainment; 20 English
Children; 4 English, 6 German,10 Polish, 1 Spanish, 2French
Sport; 39 English,1 Italian, 3 Netherlands,18 Polish,15Spanish, 4 Portugal,15 French (beIN), 3 Slovakia, 5Croatia, 7 Czech, 3 Romania,25 German,1 American
Adults; 26
Turkish; 137
Russian; all, Ukrainian: all, Azerbaijan; all, Georgian; all.

Many more…

Delivered worldwide and plug and play ready!

What does the Set contain?

  • 1 Year IPTV Hosting Online VIP membership on the mac address
  • Online and email support for the duration of the membership

For further technical information.

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